Sunday, May 15, 2016

John Deere


John Deere


Hello everyone it’s Leslie!
I would like to share with you a gift I made my husband Chris. He always said he wanted something to cover up his John Deere Tractor, so I designed, and created a one of a kind John Deere Tractor Cover, just for him.

My son in-law Brandon and I set out at Christmas looking for a cover for my husband Chris’s 1952 John Deere B Tractor.
Well if you know anything about tractors they don’t make them for sell.
So I decided to make one for him instead.

I got out my measuring tape, paper and pencil and went out and measured the tractor , then came In and drew out the pattern.
Have to say it’s the first time I worked with such a large pattern. The biggest thing to do with this whole project was keeping it away from my husband, Chris.
He kept trying to see what it look like.
I put it together so there are no seams, they would just catch and over time ware and tear.
I decided to use a lite weight material and when I was all done I was able to put it in a bag 11×13 inch bag.

My next project is to do one for my son in-law Brandon, he has a farm all H .
Thanks for catching up. Leslie

Happy Birthday Chris!