Saturday, March 5, 2016

Antique Barn Sale Weekend!


Antique Barn Sale Weekend!


It's Cheryl,  what a GREAT weekend! My sister Connie, the youngest and cutest, LOL. Came down to Burlington, IL. this weekend and we went to 4 different Antique Barn Sales!

WOW! So much and not sure where to begin!It was like 2 kids in a candy shop, so FUN! The owner was busy getting his truck ready for the Kane County Antique Show. So Connie and I went different ways and remember the saying, Someones junk is someone else tresures. I found wooden boxes, to wooden boxes all different sizes, to a long set chair that goes at the end of your bed, to an old school deck that everything I found has to be refinish and when I start my projects I will share with you step by step on what I am doing. 

 Last year, one of the shops I shared with Connie today I had got this wooden kichen table for $5.00 not sure why, but thats when you don't ask questions. I gave it to Connie today and she will be refinishing it. Can't wait to see the what the real table looks like. 

What a Great weekend can't wait to share the projects when we get started!

Have a Great rest of a weekend!