Monday, March 21, 2016

Sometimes You Just Need a Break!


Preserves Filled Cream Cheese Pound Cake

“People who love to eat are always The Best People”
Julia Child

   10553491_10204035864970031_5661830124427492192_n                            Hello everyone it’s Connie, remember the baby of the family and the cutest…Today it was time to take a BREAK and cook something I enjoy eating. Cream Cheese Pound Cake, WOW! Can I cook or what. Uncle Chris always says “Boy those MOORE girls knows when it’s time to EAT!” Yes I do and LOVE a great dish too! I hope you enjoy this dish!

Preserves Filled Cream Cheese Pound Cake

My favorite food is CAKE.  My Mom and I both like cake with our afternoon tea.  Since I’ve been here with her, I’ve made 6 different cakes, 5 bunts from scratch.  2 Coffee, 1 chocolate, and this one rather I changed it to a Strawberry Rhubarb-filled cream cheese pound Cake.

It’s a recipe out of the Kraft Food and Family magazine, it’s also on-line at
I followed the recipe except it calls for 1 cup sugar, I used 3/4 cup, and used Strawberry Rhubarb preserves.



Especially with Lady Grey tea.  I like milk and honey in my tea.  Mother drinks it
Look we had visitors…… 
Mother and I came to the same conclusion that this yummy pound cake, it could easy stand
alone.  The preserves make it sweeter, but with fresh berries and whip cream…… that would also be very good.

I made a recipe card for my version of this wonderful cake.  You can find free recipe cards all over the web. Here’s where I got this one….Free recipe cards
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Happy Cooking!